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Since I go back and forth with applique and stained glass, you will see both here. Some are works in progress and some are finished. But, I wanted to share what I'm doing this season with you. 

Mondo Bag Finished by Sonya FetchFirst, something for me!

I needed to make it!
Of course, I had to have a bag for shopping for the holidays and the Mondo Bag by Quiltsmart is perfect.





Now the real projects

First is a pair of stained glass trucks.

stained glass stained glass trucks work in progress

Well, it's the same truck twice.

This client wanted a very personal stained glass window made for her and her dad. This truck has been in the family for a long time she wanted something they could both enjoy even though they lived far apart. So I made one for her and one for her father. Sleepy Valley Dairy Truck Stained Glass Window

I like to incorporate details into my pieces. In this case, the spokes in the tires are wire overlay and the wood trim on the truck has the name of the old dairy the family owned. The name is etched and colored with rub and buff. (I made it hard to read to give them privacy)


The second is a work in progress.

This client wanted a beehive for her daughter and couldn't find what she wanted so she came to me to create her vision. 

Beehive Stained Glass work in progress by Sonya Fetch

This project is going to be fun! The bees are going to be put together separately and tack soldered on top to give it a dimensional look. As for adding my unique detail into this piece, she requested honey to be dripping out of it some place. So, I'm going to have my husband (the glass blower) make me some honey colored "drips" that I will then add to the piece. I'm not sure whether I'll glue it on or foil it and solder it like the bees. I suppose I'll have to wait until I see what he makes me. I'll show you more as it comes along. 

The third is a local lady that fell in love with the Christmas Puppy and had to have one.

Christmas Puppy Applique work in progress

For the most part, I work with 100% cotton (some of the fabrics you see here are grunge and batiks). But, just like with my glass, I like to add details that shake it up. Since this is a wall hanging and won't be washed, I decided to incorporate lime green satin for the music notes. Plus, I used black wool in his body. Nothing looks as black and rich as wool. And, it gives him a furry feel. 








The last is still in the concept phase. 

Mermaid on the Rock Applique Pattern

This client wanted something for his wife who loves mermaids. This piece will be shipped across the country and he didn't want to pay the cost of shipping a stained glass piece so he decided on an applique. So, I adapted my stained glass pattern to fit applique (you can get it here). I don't have everything together yet because I just can't decide on what to use for her tail. Since she is the centerpiece I want her to stand out.


All of the fabrics I've narrowed it down to have some amount of shimmer (sorry it doesn't photograph well). I haven't even ruled out the ribbon. Maybe you can help me with what you think would look best.  

fabric choices for mermaid on the rocks pattern

1. At the top, is shades of aqua blue with gold flecks. 

2. This is the most subtle of the set and is light aqua with a muted silver. It looks like scaly skin. 

3. This is a pure silver and shiny like tin foil. 

4. This one is the hardest to photograph. It's a pink tie dye with iridized on top that looks like an oil slick. 

5. Last is the peacock ribbon. Fussy cut and it might look like scales instead of feathers. 

I just don't know...yet!


I am really enjoying the assortment of creativity that my life has taken. Playing with color is such a passion and I'm very blessed that you are apart of making that happen. 

Thank you and I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season. 

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My mother was a dressmaker and I learned to sew at her side. I’m 77 yrs old and 3 months retired by choice. Mom retired at 84. I was a widow at 22 with 3 babies and little education. Sewing was my salvation but I didn’t know how important it was. I got an education, got a good job and was an excellent provider but my soul was not being fed. That has changed! My dining room is now a fully equipped sewing room. I bought a Baby Lock Crescendo sewing machine and an Alliance embroidery machine. I spend the day in here playing, going on line being inspired by others and learning. Talented people like you are my breath and inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. It is truly awesome. Joan