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Welcome to a fresh snow blog hop. 

Thank you, Marian, at Seams to Be Sew for putting this blog hop together. 
I love trying to use other fabrics or other things in my designs. So when Marian invited me to this blog hop, I eagerly accepted.  

 Getting right to it:

Snow scenes are so fun and this hop was a perfect excuse for me to make one of my favorite patterns.

(find it here)

Winter in the Park Applique Quilt Pattern

I'm not an all or nothing kind of girl. I like to add just a touch of "other" to my mostly cotton designs. In this case, I decided on the tree in the background. I wanted a naked winter tree. So, I headed off to the store to look for one. I wandered around the aisles looking for something, I don't know, eye-catching. Then, I found it...


Mossy bark in a roll.

Mossy Bark on a Roll

But would it work? 

I decided to treat it like cotton fabric. I added the fusible...cut out the pieces...ironed it in place...even stitched it down.

Detail of Winter in the Park Applique Quilt Example

It worked beautifully! It was just how I envision it would be. 

It did shed a bit and it did turn my fingers yellow for a while but it was worth it. 

(Also my first try at hand embroidery for the wrought iron parts. It's not as perfect as I wanted but you have to start somewhere right?)

Winter in the Park Final Applique Example

Oops, I got so excited to finish that I forgot to add the border. Oh well, maybe next time.

Thank you for coming.


Now for the Giveaway:


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Comments (18)

I like your creative use of the mossy bark. My husband doesn’t really understand wandering around a store and not shopping for a specific item. But that’s how we find some amazing buys!


Gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing

Bonnie Larson

Your medium choice was very interesting. I’ve never seen it used quite like that! Way to go!

Anita Jackson @Domestic Felicity

The project is amazing, I love it when “odd fabric” is added to a piece.


I like your project. My only concern would be that I like to be able to throw my quilts into the washer and the dryer. Yes, even wall hangings. It’s one reason why I haven’t tried my hand at mixed media or found objects in my quilts. I think I better get over it and give something like this a try. Thanks for sharing.

Laurie Weimar

Beautiful pattern and project. Thank you for sharing in the hop … :) Pat


Ty for sharing I love this winter picter. Nice tree.. happyness04431@yahoo.com

Anna Brown

Wonderful! Your project looks like lots of fun. Thanks for sharing.


Wow, that looks amazing! I like the idea of using something like this and treating it as normal fabric. Your embroidery looks fine to me. Thanks for participating with this great design.


Wonderful pattern, as always!