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Yes, you can use Steam-a-Seam with wrinkles or if the opposite backing comes off first.


Peel whichever backing comes off easiest. 

(notice that in the photo below the grid backing peeled away first)

Iron by starting with the inner wrinkles first and work your way out.

Use the tip of the iron and press down firmly as you iron.

After it's all ironed, peel the other release paper. 

After you have ironed it, you can still see a little wrinkle but there's fusible inside the wave.

This is after I've cut the pieces out. I'm now placing them on the black.

This is what some of my wrinkled pieces look like as I'm placing them.

But, this is before my final press so don't fret. 

And this it after the final press. 

So, long story short. Don't be afraid to use fusible wrinkled, it will all come out okay. 

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