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Welcome to my Christmas Caroling Row Along!


I need to thank Marian at Seams to be Sew for putting this all together and keeping us on track.

I would also like to give a special thank you to Northcott Fabrics. I think they have some of the most amazing fabric choices. And, they we're so very generous in providing me with some of their new fabrics to incorporate into my row. I used only their fabric for my row this year and it turned out so striking. I have a list of all the Northcott Fabrics I used in the row towards the end. If you haven't seen their selection please go and see here.

Now for the Main Attraction-

We were asked to choose one of our favorite Christmas carols and create a row based on that song. I choose:

Baby, It's Cold Outside by Dean Martin. Insert mental singing here :)

I really can't stay (but baby, it's cold outside)
I've got to go away (but baby, it's cold outside)...Baby, it's cold outside

I love this carol because of the duet. It has always called to me. 

Here are the how-tos-

This is made with raw edge applique with spaces technique. So, it's built on one piece of black fabric. 

First, number your pattern using a letter for each color and number for each piece in that color (A1, A2, B10, B11...) make sure that your numbers match the reversed freezer paper pattern. 


After you've cut the freezer paper pattern apart group the pieces together according to letter. (set the B pieces aside, you won't need them)

Choose a fabric to start with and cut your fusible (I use Steam-A-Seam) smaller than your fabric (You don't want the fusible to get on your ironing board). Peel away the backing and lay it sticky side down on the wrong side of your fabric. Then, iron it down for as long as takes to get a complete fuse to the material. (It may take longer than you think to get a good bond.)


Peel away the other side of the release paper, leaving the fusible (sticky) on the fabric. 

Place the freezer paper pieces on the sticky fabric. You can put them really close together because this is all raw edge cutting and you won't need the normal allowances. Then, cut out the pieces. 

You can cut off the black outline as you are cutting the piece out because you will want the space to show the background. 

Next, place your uncut paper pattern either in a window or on a light pad with the black fabric on top. With the light going through, you will be able to see the pattern through the black. 


Then, peel the freezer paper pieces away from the fabric and stick it on top of the black background. 

(This is where the numbering will come in very handy.)

As you add the pieces you will start to see the picture come together. 

When you have all of the pieces placed down you can take it to the ironing board. You can make adjustments now by pulling the pieces up and repositioning them. Make sure you have everything where you want it because the next step will make it permanent. 

Now that you have all the pieces where you want them, iron down using a hot cotton setting (with NO STEAM). Pat each section with your iron, don't push your iron around. You may inadvertently move the pieces around before you have them set. You know when you've pressed enough because you can move fold it over and the pieces will all still be set. If not put it flat and iron some more. 


Now you're ready to trim it up and quilt it!

Here's the list I promised with all the wonderful Northcott Fabrics I used to make this pattern. They have an exquisite fabric selection.

Northcott 39300-97 - Charcoal Fireplace
Northcott 9020-99 - Black Background
Northcott 9020-10 - White Snow 
Northcott 21704-99 - Black with White Snowflakes
Northcott 20260M-39 - Brown Leather Chairs
Northcott 20258M-39 - Wood Mantle & Hat Stand
Northcott 39300-98 - Stone Fireplace
Northcott 21712-11 - Wood White Wash Walls
Northcott 5072-590 - Orange Yellow Fire
Northcott 20260M-73 - Green with Gold Tree/Socks
Northcott 21697-44 - Blue Jeans
Northcott 9020-24 - Red Coat/Hat/Socks
Northcott 39070-37 - Wood Floors

This pattern was free for only a week. But, don't worry I have other free patterns just click here!

It's Cold Outside Pattern


Now for the Giveaway-

It starts September 5, 2017 and ends September 11, 2017


a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is a $90 value. Wow, thank you so much!

We also have Northcott Fabrics and Calibre Arts givaways as well. You can find those here.

We appreciate them so much, please show your appreciation by liking them on Facebook.

Northcott Fabrics

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Comments (73)

Wow! You are truly an artist. I love the Christmas scene you designed :)

Anita Jackson

Thank you for sharing your tutorial and your row. It is very beautiful!


Thanks for the awesome row. Thank you so much!

Linda Vetter

Oh my, are you going to release this as a stained glass pattern too? Lots of work! Gorgeous


Your pattern is awesome. Thanks for sharing your time and talent.


Brrrr – but happy and cosy! Lovely pattern thank you

Toni Leggate

Thanks for this row. It looks so cozy!

Maureen Mate

I’m moving soon but I’m going to separate all the patterns and put them in a container with fabrics I’ve chosen, to hand stitch the nights I’m not unpacking


Oh such intricate applique. Just what the upcoming fall weather needs.


I really like your row. It looks so cozy. Can’t wait until the weather changes and we’re back to complaining about the cold instead of the heat.

Tina Jeo