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Most of my appliques are wall hangings and there are so many advantages to creating this way.

  • Since applique can be large or small it’s a great way to free oneself from the constraints of making something a specific size. Then, I can create it because I like it, no matter the shape. 
  • I hate to throw any fabric away. Applique is an ideal way to use little pieces of fabulous fabric. Simply put, I can use my scraps!
  • I can play with fabrics that I would not normally get to add to a quilt. Gossamer, satin, etc. no fabric is off limits. Unusual or difficult fabrics are the best, I experiment with them all. If it doesn't work I can throw it out and try a different kind of fabric. This is where I love to try that little bit of hand-made fabric from my local textile maker. If you don't know if you have a local textile person, try your neighborhood quilt shop.They may carry local or hand dyed fabrics. Or, try to create your own.
  • Finally, wall hangings sell well. A buyer may not want or have space for a quilt, But they may have space for a painting. Wall hangings are painting size. They're also less time and therefore less money, which can be more accessible to the average buyer.

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