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I received a last minute invitation to the Sunbonnet Sue quilt show in Sequim, WA and it was remarkable. 

I had 2 weeks to get all of my patterns and samples ready and boy was I scared. This was only my second show and this one was quite a bit bigger.

It's so hard to put yourself out there. 

Would they like the patterns? 

Would they like my style?

I finished my booth with minutes to spare. Lol

any pattern quilt show

Everone was so supportive, encouraging and excited!. I was able to show an entirely new group of people how I do things. And, I made some new friends too.

What I was surprised to find was that Martha Scott put her Angel (titled: Scarlet) in the show this year. 

Martha Scott Angel Art Quilt

Wow, beautiful!

And even better...

Martha Scott with anypattern angel 2nd place

...she won 2nd place in the art quilt division! 

There were so many quilts at this show there were two large rooms full of quilts and vendors. Here are just a few more photos from the show. 

Sequim Quilt ShowSequim Quilt Show

Thank you to all of the Sunbonnet Sue people that worked so hard to make the quilt show so successful. I can't wait to participate again. 

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