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It was an incredible experience at the Forks, WA quilt show. And boy did it rain but, that doesn't stop Washingtonians. We had a wonderful turnout and everyone enjoyed their weekend. Here are just a few of the quilts at the show. 
Forks, WA Fabric of the Forest Quilt ShowForks, WA Fabric of the Forest Quilt ShowForks, WA Fabric of the Forest Quilt Show
Forks, WA Fabric of the Forest Quilt Show
This particular quilt was in front of my booth at the show. Heather Hansen's quilt of Washington State also happened to be my favorite quilt of the show.
Of course, I love the subject but, her quilting details made it so much more. Thank you, for sharing it with us and inspiring me.
Since this was my first show (being a vendor) I had no idea what to expect. 
The quilting crowd never disappoints everyone was so friendly and encouraging.
I wanted to create a pattern for the show. My friend, Shirley, suggested an umbrella and galoshes since we are, after all, practically in the rainforest. So, I composed this girl in a raincoat having fun jumping in a puddle. 
She's now available to everyone. You can find it here
Thank you to everyone that worked so hard to bring the Fabric of the Forest show together. You made me feel like part of the family. 

Comments (1)

Your puddle splash girl is just adorable. I didn’t realize that you had designed her special for the show. Thank you! Now I will need to pick up the pattern from you. It was so nice having your booth at the show. Both you and your husband are so wonderfully talented. Your booth was so colorful fun with your running instructional display table and all your fabulous patterns. The glass was just so beautiful too. Mine is sporting a few daffodils right now. I hope you two come to next year’s show.

Michele Marshall