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Kudos first, thank you Marian at Seams to be Sew for bring this all together. Without her, we'd be lost. 





This year I want to show you my happy place. It's my imagination! It's my favorite place to be.
I used only Northcott Fabrics. I would like to give a special thank you to them for providing me with their new ombre Stonehenge. Don't they have some of the most amazing fabrics to play with. I'm always blown away with how much depth I get from their fabric.


Here's my process...

I like to start in reality and go from there.

Here's my reality photo. It's up at Cape Flattery, WA. It's the furthest northwest tip of the contiguous United States and just a beautiful walk. 

As I was walking, my imagination told me, hey what if lived in a cabin at the end of this beautiful walkway. So, I created one. 

In reality, the pathways meander and change until you reach the cliffs.

Where there's cliff caves.

And Puffins!

The real place is amazing, I highly recommend a trip into the boonies. 


Here are the how-tos-

This is made with raw edge applique with spaces technique. So, it's built on one piece of the Ombre Stonehenge fabric. 

After you've cut the freezer paper pattern apart group the pieces together according to letter.

Choose a fabric to start with and cut your fusible (I use Steam-A-Seam) smaller than your fabric (You don't want the fusible to get on your ironing board). Peel away the backing and lay it sticky side down on the wrong side of your fabric. Then, iron it down for as long as takes to get a complete fuse to the material. 

Peel away the other side of the release paper, leaving the fusible (sticky) on the fabric. 

Place the freezer paper pieces on the sticky fabric. You can put them really close together because this is all raw edge cutting and you won't need the normal allowances. Then, cut out the pieces. 

You can cut off the black outline as you are cutting the piece out because you will want the space to show the background. 

Next, place your uncut paper pattern either in a window or on a light pad with the black fabric on top. With the light going through, you will be able to see the pattern through the black. 


Here it is with the light off.

Cool, huh!

Then, peel the freezer paper pieces away from the fabric and stick it on top of the black background. 

As you add the pieces you will start to see the picture come together.


When you have all of the pieces placed down you can take it to the ironing board to do a final iron.

Now you're ready to trim it up and quilt it!

Here's the link to Northcott's new line of Stonehenge Gradations Ombre. 

DP39420-79 - Stonehenge Gradations Ombre


Here's the free digital pattern.

Just click on the picture below.


This pattern is free for a week starting Sept. 5th 2018. But, don't worry I have other free patterns just click here!



Now for the Giveaway-

It starts September 6, 2017 and ends September 12, 2017.

Bloc_Loc is so kind in letting me give you this.

One of each Half Square Triangle Ruler Set #6
Value $31.50
Worldwide Shipping Via BlocLoc Rulers


a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Like Bloc_Loc on Facebook. 

We love and appreciate Northcott so much, please show your appreciation by liking them on Facebook too. Northcott Fabrics


Thank you for visiting!


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Comments (93)

I love your row. I would love to be there! Thanks for sharing and joining us in the RAL

Heleen Pinkster

What an AMAZING pattern, I love it so much, thank you!!!!

Allie Hartom

Loc-bloc rulers look so cool.


That is so Beautiful! I love the perspective on that pathway, your tutorial was great also.

Melody Lutz

What a beautiful row! Thank you.

Susan Green

Where to find the time to sew/make alkl os the patterns and projects I see and Like?

Rose Marie Andreozzi

I love your happy place! The only thing I’d change would be to have a rocking chair (or two so I could have a friend join me!)

Cathy L Wilson

Your row is amazing. I’ve yet to be able to create a realistic landscape piece. The magic eludes me.

pamela green

Gorgeous row – so peaceful and relaxing. I can see why it’s your happy place.


What a beautiful place to visit and a beautiful block!
Thank you for sharing both with us!

Liz Horgan