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There are various fusible products in the marketplace, how do you choose the one for you? We all have preferences based on how they create their quilts, I'm no different. My fusible of choice is Steam-a-Seam 2 and here's why. 

  • It's sticky on both sides so, it stays where you place it. Think of it like a post-it note, You can move it around but it stays put until you do.
  • It has a grid on the stabilizer. This is helpful for cutting just the right amount. 
  • It stays sticky so, you can move it around up until the last fuse. This way, you can get things just right. 
  • When it's bonded, there's a strong clean hold. The edges won't fray or lift. Which is perfect for the raw edge method. 

    Here's a little tutorial on how I use Steam-a-Seam 2 for my projects:

    1. Take your chosen fabric and lay it wrong side up on the ironing surface.
    2. Cut an appropriately sized piece of fusible web and peel the plain release paper. 
    3. Lay it sticky side down on the wrong side of your fabric.
    4. Iron the fusible web and fabric together using the dry cotton setting on your iron for at least 10 seconds. It may take longer than you think to get good adherence.
    5. Peel off the paper backing from the ironed fusible on the fabric. Your fabric will now be sticky on the wrong side.
    6. Press the cut freezer pieces, shiny side down onto the sticky fusible. DO NOT IRON IN PLACE (it will make it permanent)!
    7. Then cut around each piece to cut the fabric in the shape you desire.
    8. Then peel the freezer paper pattern from the fabric.

      Comments (2)

      The instructions can be a little confusing when you don’t have the fusible right in front of you.
      Steam-a-seam has 2 sides of release papers (the fusible is sandwiched in between).
      The 1st peel is the initial backing from the fusible so you can stick it to the fabric.
      The 2nd peel is the other side of the fusible that you have to take off after you iron the first side to the fabric.
      The 3rd peel is to take off your freezer paper pattern pieces from the, now cut and fused (sticky), fabric.
      I hope this helps the confusion. :)

      Sonya Fetch

      I found these instructions confusing. Too much peeling of papers. If you peel in step 2 and then peel in step 5, you have nothing to peel in step 8.