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Choosing your own stained glass


If you like the choices in my renderings for my patterns but can't get the exact glass here's how to make adaptations.

Each color in my patterns has a glass number. That number is what each manufacturer uses for their glass. Go can go to their website and see what it looks like. 

Here's a list of the main stained glass makers I use in my patterns. 

Kokomo Glass

Bullseye Glass

Armstrong and Youghiogheny Glass

Wissmach Glass

Spectrum Glass (newest list but no pictures so far)

Uroborus Glass (newest list but no pictures so far)


Spectrum and Uroborus are going through some major transitions in ownership and production and their site is not very user friendly as the date of this blog post, but hopefully it will get back to where it was.


For example; if I chose Armstrong 215-S, which is a brown/amber wispy by Armstrong glass. If you have access to Kokomo glass instead, they have 61LL. And, even though they are different they are enough the same that you will not see much of a difference in the finished panel. 

Many times, each glass manufacturer has a comparable glass. So, you can get that one instead. 

How to buy your stained glass:

Your local stained glass store may not have that particular stained glass available...so what do you do? 

The biggest thing is, be adaptable.

  • Some glass stores will be glad to add it to their next glass order. So don't be afraid to ask.

Be sure you can wait. Some stores will go months in between orders. Freight costs are outrageous and they must fill a full crate to make it worth it. That could mean 50 sheets or more. So, be patient.

Here's why you should go to your local store: 

  • Going to your local store is a wonderful place to get help choosing colors.
  • Even if they don't have exactly what you're looking for, they can help you find comparable choices.
  • They can help you to choose a whole new color scheme. 
  • You can select portions of the glass you want. Some glass is so unique that different sections of 1 sheet of glass may look like totally different glass. Buying it online, you don't get to choose which part. And sometimes one sheet to another can look completely different.
  • They can help you with special techniques to make your project easier or you might be able to rent time on equipment you just don't have (saws, circle cutters, came benders...)

Remember only you can help them stay in business.

Ordering online is easy, and is a much needed resource for those that don't have other options, but it really hurts a local store. Local stores have to pay for a store front and can't compete with a warehouse. For glass, I prefer seeing it in person and selecting my own even for mass produced glass there is always variation no matter who makes it.



I hope this helps you with your glass choices.

Next time, I'll talk to you about the kind of glass you can choose. What does opaque vs. cathedral glass do? I'll show you.

What stained glass do I choose for my pattern?