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When pricing your stained glass windows remember you want to keep making panels in the future so price accordingly. Supplies are a part of pricing your pieces but your time is also an important factor. I suggest $80-$250 per square foot (depending on complexity).

If you make a 5 pieces angel ornament that’s ¼ square foot it’s practical to charge $80/sq. ft. for a total of $20 for the angel because it took very little time and maybe some scrap glass. If you are making a tiffany style window that’s 6 sq. ft. for a bathroom with over 600 pieces you will definitely want to charge the $250/sq. ft. for a total of $1500 (installation not included). When I price pieces for a show I’m usually around $125/sq. ft. because I am making pieces that I hope will be appealing to a majority of the crowd. If I add a wood frame I add the cost on top of that price.

Pricing can be a daunting thing. You may not feel you are experienced enough to price high enough. Or you may not realize just how much goes into a panel. Just because you are a beginner doesn’t make the cost of buying supplies and time it takes to make the windows go away. In fact, you will probably use more resources than you will when you get more experienced. Beginners tend to use more solder because they tend to have gaps between the pieces of glass, as you get better at cutting and grinding you will have fewer spaces, therefore, less material cost. Beginners also tend to have more breakage when cutting glass. So don’t make your stained glass cheaper just because you’re a beginner.

Also, as a beginner, you don’t want to devalue other designers work by pricing your pieces less than the cost of supplies and labor. People outside stained glass usually don’t know that you are a beginner or see a difference. They simply love the art you created.

Don’t worry, your buyer will love you and your work so price things so that other may also make their passion for glass come true as well.