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Using Stained Glass Texture

Whether you want to create the look of fur or a bubbling brook, textures are a must. 

This is where the different glass companies really shine as their own. Each company has their own set of amazing textures. The easiest way to see them is to look at their clear glass selections. Not every color comes in every texture but they will let you know by the number/letter codes. The letters after every glass number means it has a specific texture.


Kokomo 33V: This means 33 is the color (clear) and V is the texture (vertigo). 

This one is Bullseye's 3126-0021 (soft ripple)

And, here it is flat. 3126-0030

Both are beautiful but each one has a very different effect. (This is one of my all time favorite glass, by the way)

Textures can breath life into your pieces. Where flat glass definitely has it's place as your bread and butter, but adding texture can give your window depth and dimension. 

I know we've talked about Kokomo, Bullseye, Armstrong and others. But, one company you might not have heard of is Pilkington glass. They've be around for a long time but the bulk of their business is making glass for things like skyscrapers. The good news is that they haven't forgotten the little guy and they make a line of textures like no other. So if you're looking for something completely different try something like this. Pilkington glass

Distributor's like Ed Hoy's International sell Pilkington glass. If you don't want to order whole sheets for yourself ask your local store to see if they can include some in their next order. 


How do I get stained glass for my patterns?

What stained glass do I choose for my pattern?

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