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I know there are a lot of how-to do stained glass out there. I wanted to give those that have taken a class and need a reminder or maybe it's been a long time and you need a refresh list. This is a quick bullet guide to help keep you on track.

• Have two copies of the pattern. Cut pattern pieces out of one of the patterns.
• Trace pattern on glass and score and cut the piece. Repeat as many times as needed to cut all pieces out.
• Remember you only need 10 to 15lbs. of pressure to score the glass. You must go from one edge of the glass to the other. You can not stop in the middle of the glass. Cut your hard angles first, then go to the other sides.
• After cutting out all the pieces of glass use the grinder to smooth and fit your pieces together.
• Foil all pieces of glass.
• After foiling, place all pieces on the pattern and fit together as tight as possible.
• Tack the pieces in place so they don’t move when you start to solder.
• Flux pieces at the joints.
• Tack solder the front side of the panel.
• Remove tacks and flux and flat solder the back side of the panel.
• Turn panel back to the front and “bead” solder.
• Add metal frame or filigree.
• After soldering, let cool enough to touch, and then wash with dish soap and natural bristle brush to remove any contaminants.
• Dry thoroughly with a paper towel.
• Add patina and wash panel again with dish soap.
• Add stain remover if needed.
• Finally, add finishing compound to panel, let dry and buff off.

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