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As a stained glass artist, we are always growing and trying new things. As such, we should not be afraid to try a new pattern and a new level of difficulty. What if you just want to make a certain pattern but it seems beyond your ability? Or you bought a pattern that ended up being more than you intended to do? Here are some techniques that will help you to make that pattern more to your liking.

Take out some break lines and blend pieces together. Less detail will simplify a pattern without losing its overall appearance. For example, do the windows really need individual panes? Can you just split it in two? Can it be one full piece?

  Brick Lighthouse Pattern

Straighten some of the break lines. Curvy lines added movement and strength but it also adds complication. Straighten the lines to make them more manageable for your ability or preference. 

Add more break lines. More pieces is not always a bad thing. Some additional lines can make a piece easier to cut. Some patterns have large background pieces that leave some very difficult inside curves or many cuts to match up on one piece split it into 2 or more pieces may make it easier be able to use smaller pieces of glass.

Make your pattern a freeform. Taking off the background can, of course, make your pattern simplified and use less stained glass supplies. It can also create a completely new feel that you might like better.

But remember to always push yourself to try something new. Look back at how far you’ve grown and how much satisfaction you get perfecting your craft.