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There are so many great stained glass manufacturers. They each have their own styles and evoke such diverse feelings in me when I look at their sheets of glass. I decided, I have to have a sheet of everything from every manufacturer to choose from when I do a project. I can’t miss anything! So started my stained glass collection. The problem started when I realized I now needed at least 2 sheets of everything because each one was a little different, how do you choose? Then…I found out that the manufacturers let their glass makers have fun and make whatever they want from time to time. Amazing one-of-a-kind stained glass sheet glass. It was then I realized that I truly was a full blown addict.  

Over the years I found that I did have to have some specific staple sheets of glass. I could have 100 other sheets but if I didn’t have these I was “out of glass”. I wanted to share my must-haves with you. (I put them in alphabetical order because I don’t have a number one.)

Armstrong – 0124SR – Amber, Clear, White Iridescent -- This is the best glass for seashells ever!

Bullseye – 3126-30 – Cranberry Pink, Royal Blue and Spring Green – This glass is stunning. It looks like a Monet watercolor.

Desag – GNA – This texture comes in many colors. It has a pure color and a clarity that few have. It has slight lines that remind me of old window glass. It’s wonderful for cabinet windows. Plus it cuts like butter. (Desag doesn't have a website in English that I could find but there are quite a few places that carry them.)


Kokomo – 142LL – There are different densities to this glass and I love all the variations. I especially like to use this glass to make a stream. Dense for the back, translucent in the front.

Pilkington – Everglade – They have the most unique clear textures. (They are a global company with an extensive website to see their textures click on the picture of the woman after you click on the link.)

Saint Just – Flashed glass – This glass is hand blown then rolled flat with the color only on one side. It makes sandblasting incredible. Once you blast the color away it leaves another color. Not only is it made on clear but you can get colors like blue on yellow. So cool! (The link is a YouTube video on how the make their glass.)

Uroboros – 65-95 – I use this everywhere. Fields of flowers, sunsets and lamps. Some people are scared of its texture but cut it on the back and it cuts great.

Wissmach – English Muffle- Ok, I know this isn’t one color but this texture is integral to making traditional panels.

Youghiogheny – Neodymium SP-Stipple Art Glass Collection- Pale Blue that changes to pink under incandescent light or natural light. It looks like ice and it changes colors, enough said! They also own Oceana glass which is hand cast mottles in the Tiffany tradition a must for lamps.


Thank you to all the stained glass manufacturers out there. You make amazing art so I can make mine.

What’s your must-have glass?

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