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I give color suggestions with all of my patterns but they may not work for you. Why?

You may want different colors and that's okay!

When making your own choices, the first thing you need to ask it where is it going. In a window? Does your window get lots of light? A room divider? In a bathroom?

  • Cathedral glass is completely transparent and you will easily see through it. Not great if you don't want anyone seeing into your bathroom window. But, wonderful for getting getting beautiful colors on the floor on sunny days.
  • Opaque or opal glass is completely saturated with color. Perfect for wall hangings, cabinet and bathroom windows. The great thing about opaque glass is the color you choose will stay the same. Blue glass will always look blue where as cathedral blue will look black at night or on a wall. 
  • Wispy glass is a little of both. It's a great way to give you a little bit of density without completely blocking all the light. 

    As you can see I use all of the above. My favorite is to use opaque glass on the things I want to emphasize. When mixing glass types opal glass will look like foreground and cathedral will look like background.

    In this window, I wanted to focus on the woman and the tree so I made them with opal glass and the background a mixture of wispy and cathedral. 

    Next time I'll talk about what textures to use and what they can do. 

    How do I get the stained glass for my patterns?