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I talked about educating your buyers on why stained glass demands the price it does but why it’s worth it?

Stained glass takes a skill to design and create that not everyone has. It’s not merely a craft but an artisan craft that has spanned the ages. Many stained glass windows have lasted hundreds of years. If built properly, your windows could be around for generations as well. Use the best designs, tools and supplies to make your windows last forever. So, when you add a window to a home it will be a part of that home’s character for the rest of the home’s life. Here are a few ideas that you can share with your customers.

Stained glass windows last so long you may need to train your clients to think in decades. Is it worth the cost for something that will last 20, 30, 40 years or more and look as good as the day you made it? Make sure to choose a style that your client will love for that long as well. Try to steer them away from matching wallpaper because your window will outlast any wallpaper style.

Stained glass is a great privacy barrier that works better than curtains. It won’t fade, or trap dust and dirt or disintegrate like curtains. Stained glass can work in wet locations where a curtain or blind would not (triple glaze it and it can be in the shower). Specialty curtains can be just as costly as stained glass windows and last much less time, so you can use that as a base for your argument. Not to mention, in my opinion, it’s much more beautiful than curtains because it puts colors all over the room.

Stained glass windows can block intense light better than blinds. Keeping your floors and furniture from fading in the sunlight. You can use clear textures to tone down the light, opaque colors to block but add a glow of light, and use black or mirror to block light completely.

Well-made stained glass will add curb appeal to any home. When you make windows for a front door and sidelights it can bring style and life to a home even before you walk in. For example, a craftsman style home will be apparent as soon as you walk up to it. At night, a colorful stained glass window will glow in the dark and draw attention from all within sight.

What is your favorite argument for why stained glass is worth it?

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