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Dog Labrador Applique Pattern

$ 9.60

Labrador rules to live by: 

Retrieve everything!

If you can't eat it, roll in it!

Love Everyone!

Applique Size: 26" x 20"

You can easily make this a chocolate lab by using dark browns instead of tans. 

The simplest way to create this is by cutting your background fabric to approx. 23”x 19” first. This is the fabric you will put all of the other pieces on top of. Then cut and place the dog pieces on top of the background.

Once your applique pieces are fused to the background, stitch with a straight stitch around each piece with matching thread. 

Trim to square. Add batting and backing and quilt as desired.

Finished art by Mary Hardin.

Labrador Dog Applique Quilt Pattern Dog Labrador Applique Pattern Dog Labrador Applique Pattern
$ 9.60


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$ 9.60