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Santa Going Down the Chimney Stained Glass Pattern

Stained Glass
$ 14.00

Santa is coming make sure the children are tucked in tight. 

This holiday stained glass window pattern will be joyful for year after year. 
Get your stained glass supplies out and add you bits and baubles to his goody bag. 


Dimensions: 22" wide x 28" tall

Square feet of glass: 4.27
Feet of copper foil: 78.5
Number of pieces: 89

Glass chosen for the rendering:

Bullseye 0100 (black) 
Armstrong 1800S (white) 
Kokomo 134G (brick red)
Armstrong 71S (yellow) 
Youghiogheny 5002HS (tan) 
Kokomo 122 (green)
Bullseye 1112 (glitter green) 
Armstrong 4518-SR (iridized ice blue)
Bullseye 006013 (white mottle) 
Armstrong 42P (cobalt blue) 
Kokomo 812 (pink) 
Spectrum 152W (dark red) 
Spectrum 151W (cherry red) 

$ 14.00

Stained Glass

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$ 14.00