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Mermaid on the Rocks Stained Glass Pattern

Stained Glass
$ 15.00

Feel the windy ocean breeze with this stained glass panel pattern.

She's thinking of her lost fisherman and vows to find him again one day.

Ripple, cord or vertigo textures will work wonderfully in her tail. 

Dimensions: 22" wide x 20" tall

Square feet of glass: 3.05
Feet of copper foil: 55.5
Number of pieces: 60

Stained glass used in the rendering:

Kokomo 104G (red/orange) 
Bullseye 1834 (skin tone) 
Bullseye 3203-21 (brown/green) 
Kokomo 68 (brown/amber)
Kokomo 179 (green/amber) 
Armstrong 4244P (green/blue ripple) 
Bullseye 2128 (dark blue) 
Kokomo 192 (purple/white) 

Finished piece created by Pam Coppola

the second photo piece is by Bethany

Mermaid on the Rocks Stained Glass Pattern Pam Coppola Mermaid on the Rocks Stained Glass Window Final mermaid stained glass example by Bethany
$ 15.00

Stained Glass

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$ 15.00