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Mount Rainier Reflection Stained Glass Pattern

Stained Glass
$ 19.00

If you love Mount Rainier this stained glass panel pattern is for you.

Sit in front of reflection lake and take it all in. This stained glass window makes makes that photograph in your mind real. 
Get out your stained glass supplies to find all the evening sun colors for this peaceful setting

Dimensions: 20" wide x 14" tall

Square feet of glass: 1.94
Feet of copper foil: 84
Number of pieces: 180

Stained glass chosen for the example:

Bullseye 4437 
Bullseye 0100 
Kokomo 104G
Kokomo 265
Youghiogheny 5409SP 
Kokomo 163 
Wissmach 341 
Bullseye 0142 
Wissmach 329
Kokomo 266

$ 19.00

Stained Glass

Pattern Options: (need help?)

$ 19.00