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Fairy Bubbles Stained Glass Pattern

Stained Glass
$ 15.00

This little green fairy is having fun floating away in the breeze on her favorite little girl's bubbles. From far away she'll be mistaken for a butterfly but don't worry Amelia knows who she is and that she will be back to play when her bubble pops.

Use any colors your little fairy lover likes. She would be pretty in pink! Just to make sure to use iridized colors for the bubbles. 

Dimensions: 22" wide x 20" tall

Square feet of glass: 3.13
Feet of copper foil: 70
Number of pieces: 112

Glass chosen for the rendering:

Armstrong 851S (red/orange) 20 pieces
Wissmach WO-25 (orange/yellow) 10 pieces
Kokomo 709 (lime green) 23 pieces
Kokomo 98N (spring green) 24 pieces
Kokomo 657DSPL (green) 5 pieces
Armstrong 41P (light aqua) 6 pieces
Bullseye 1442 (Neo Lavender) 8 pieces
Pilkington florielle (clear) 16 pieces 

$ 15.00

Stained Glass

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$ 15.00