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Bloody Handprint Stained Glass Pattern

Stained Glass
$ 14.00

This pattern needs a translucent red glass and black. The effect is sensational and scary and the great thing is you can use it year after year! 

Purchase two and flip one pattern over (or I can send you a reflective pattern) for the left hand, position slightly lower, fill the rest of your window with black and your Halloween will never be the same. To simplify the pattern make the smallest pieces solder fill instead of trying to cut them out.

Dimensions: 12" wide x 14" tall

Square feet of glass: 1.17
Feet of copper foil: 27.3
Number of pieces: 58
If the pieces in between the red pieces are too small to cut do a solder
fill instead. Then patina black.

Stained glass in the rendering:

AKokomo 0 
Spectrum 151RR 

$ 14.00

Stained Glass

Pattern Options: (need help?)

$ 14.00