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Sunbathing Stained Glass Pattern

Stained Glass
$ 20.00

It's the perfect temp and the sand is just right. This stained glass pattern is all about relaxing in the sand. It's the perfect vacation spot. 

If you would like to simplify this piece simply draw a line down and cut off the palm tree. It will still look amazing. 

Make the bird a foil overlay. 

Pattern Size: Width:  32"      Height: 23"

Square feet of glass: 5.11
Feet of copper foil: 206.5
Number of pieces: 292

Stained glass chosen for the rendering:

Armstrong 111SO (light grey)
Bullseye 0313 (white) 
Armstrong 24SO (opal dark brown) 
Kokomo 266LL (amber/green/blue/purple) 
Kokomo 83 (brown/amber) 
Spectrum 41115S (brown/gold) 
Bullseye 3203-30 (opal woodland brown) 
Bullseye 0034 (light peach cream opal)
Uroboros 60-2702-96 (opal orange) 
Youghiogheny 5669RG (yellow/red/blue)
Armstrong 0176S (opal yellow flamingo) 
Wissmach 223-LL (light amber/dark brown) 
Uroboros 65-92 (amber/cream) 
Bullseye 2121 (yellow/deep green) 
Bullseye 2212-30 (olive & forest green) 
Youghiogheny 4644SP (greens/blue) 
Kokomo 0 (black) 
Bullseye 2164-30 (carribean blue) 
Armstrong 0042-SR (light blues iridized) 

Finished example is slightly different because it was plated in the Tiffany style. 

Sunbathing Stained Glass Pattern Sunbathing Finished Example by Sonya
$ 20.00

Stained Glass

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$ 20.00