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Angel Simplified Stained Glass Pattern

Stained Glass
$ 20.00


She's beautiful when she's in thought. Trying to find ways to make you smile. 

This is a simplified version of the Angel Pattern, but this still has many pieces. Most of the changes are with her hair. You can see the other, more complicated, pattern here,

Stained Glass Size: 20" wide x 14" tall 

Square feet of glass: 3.00
Feet of copper foil: 91
Number of pieces: 131

Stained glass chosen for the rendering:

Bullseye 4437 (white chopstix) 
Wissmach Black (black) 
Armstrong 58-DS (medium amber) 
Armstrong 1821S (amber) 
Kokomo 94 (blue/green) 
Armstrong 0097-S (grey/purple) 
Armstrong 11S (opal grey) 
Kokomo 118SPLP (pink) 

$ 20.00

Stained Glass

Pattern Options: (need help?)

$ 20.00