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Bamboo Free Form Stained Glass Pattern

Stained Glass
$ 15.00

How do you grow bamboo without it taking over your yard? With stained glass of coarse. I designed this pattern to grow up the side of a window but not take up the entire window. If your window is taller don't worry just copy and repeat the bamboo sections until you have the desired height.

14 or 16 gauge pretinned copper wire required between some of the leaves.
The pattern will show wire sticking out where it's needed.

Width: 18" Height: 23"

Square feet of glass: 0.88
Inches of copper foil: 622
Number of pieces: 129

Stained glass chosen for the rendering:
Spectrum 602186CC 
Armstrong 774SO 

Bamboo Free Form Stained Glass Pattern Bamboo Stained Glass Example
$ 15.00

Stained Glass

Pattern Options: (need help?)

$ 15.00