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FAQ for Stained Glass Patterns

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about our stained glass pattern.

What do I get with my stained glass pattern?

  1. Line drawing – in the format you specify
  2. Color rendering – 8.5” x 11” design in color for reference
  3. Glass usage – list of glass used in this design and the approximate amount needed.

How can I get my stained glass pattern?

Digital patterns will be available for download immediately after purchase and are available in 3 file types (look for a second email after your receipt) or choose Print & Ship and we will print the pattern and ship it to you. See our description of detailed file options.

  1. Print & Ship – We print 2 copies of the pattern on up to 24" paper and ship it to you.
  2. Tiled PDF – You want to print on your home printer and are okay with putting the pattern together by hand. You can start working on it instantly (for you up all nighters) but takes a little more work.
  3. Full Size PDF – Pattern ready to print, just take it to someone who has a large format printer.
  4. Glass Eye – You want full access to the pattern. Glass Eye 2000 demo or full version required.

Need Adobe PDF viewer?

Want this pattern in a different size?

We offer simple re-sizing (width and height) for FREE. Just buy your desired pattern in Tiled, Full Size PDF or Print & Ship, you must enter comments in the checkout that your want the pattern re-sizedRe-sizes will be typically be emailed or shipped within 2 business days.

How can I use this pattern?

Purchase of this pattern permits you to make copies as needed (typically 2) to create (1) one finished piece for personal use or for resale. Additional finished pieces require additional purchase. Full License Agreement.