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Pattern Order Options

Print & Ship

This is not a digital file, the order is for pre-printed copies of the pattern. 

We will print two full-size copies of the pattern and ship them to you using USPS mail.

All patterns that are smaller than 24" on any one side will print on one full page of paper. If the pattern is more than 24" on all sides the pattern will come in 2 or more pages that would need to be taped together.

  • Stained Glass patterns - 2 full-size patterns printed on 24" plain paper
  • Applique quilt patterns - 1 full-size pattern printed on 24" plain paper and 1 full-size pattern printed on 24" freezer paper in reverse

All Print & Ship orders will be combined into one mailing. There is one shipping charge for each mailing so order as many patterns as you would like to take advantage of the consolidated shipping or any free shipping promotions. 


Tiled PDF

 This version is so that you can print this pattern on your home printer. 

This file will give you a tiled (on 8.5x11 pages) pattern of the full line drawing, one 8.5x11 color copy of the pattern and a suggested glass usage with glass type and approximate amount to be used in the pattern.

This will take a little effort on your side, but you will be able to print the pattern at home on just about any printer.  After printing you will start at page 1 and lay it on the table, take page 2 and trim the left edge up to the beginning of the printed lines and line it up on page 1. Use clear tape to attach to page 1. You will continue on until you get to the 2nd row. You will do the same as row 1, but you will also have to cut off the upper edge as well to line up with row 1. Be sure to measure your edges periodically to be sure your pattern will turn out the correct size.

Full-Size PDF

This file comes with a full size (to the dimensions stated) PDF file.  You can take this PDF file to any location that has a large format printer.   Some locations that may be able to print the pattern for you are FedEx Office, UPS Store, blueprint facilities or sign companies.

The file contains one full-size copy of the line drawing, one 8.5x11 color copy of the pattern, and a suggested glass usage with glass type and approximate amount to be used in the pattern.  If you like to cut out your patterns you can have the cartoon printed twice so you can have one copy to cut and another to build your piece.

If there are any copyright questions by the printer we have included a license agreement on the cartoon itself that explains that up to 2 copies are typically needed. There is also the web address of our full license agreement if the printer wants to get more information. To prove that you have purchased the pattern you can also bring a copy of your receipt just in case it is needed. Some locations are very concerned with copyright laws and all of this should help you have the least amount of problems as possible. 


Glass Eye File

This file will require that you have either a demo version of full version of Glass Eye 2000. 

If you have a demo version you will be able to resize and print the pattern.  You can print in full size (printer size will limit size), tiled, or all on one 8.5x11 page.

If you have one of the full versions of Glass Eye 2000 you will be able to resize and print, but you will be able to manipulate the pattern, change the glass usage and use the pattern as you need. 

The license agreement for all file typesYou are authorized to duplicate digital patterns as needed to create one finished piece.  Pre-printed patterns can not be duplicated. The piece can be used for personal use or for resale. This license is nontransferable and is strictly forbidden from redistributing or sharing. If you want to produce more than one finished piece you will need to purchase an additional pattern from anypattern.com for each piece or contact us at info@anypattern.com to create an extended license agreement