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Brick Lighthouse Stained Glass Pattern

Stained Glass
$ 20.00

The lighthouse light is a perfect place for some dichroic glass. Dichroic that changes to yellow when reflecting gives the impression that the light is on at night. Using blue glass with variation gives the water the rolling wave look.  Have fun with your color mixtures on this lighthouse stained glass pattern.

Pattern size: Width: 18" Height: 24"

Square feet of glass: 3.00
Feet of copper foil: 95
Number of pieces: 178

The cross bars on the windows are wire overlay.
The tops of the chimney can be solder fill and patinaed black.
A piece of dicroic glass for the lighthouse top would be perfect!

Stained glass chosen for the rendering:
Armstrong 015S (brick red) 
Spectrum 3196S (brown) 
Wissmach 444-L (multi-colors) 
Spectrum 3671S (yellow) 
Wissmach 503-D (grey/brown/white) 
Armstrong 18VS (ivory)
Kokomo 163 (dark green) 
Kokomo 98N (lime green) 
Kokomo 126 (aqua blue/green)
Wissmach 188-L (light blue)
Armstrong 195S (light grey) 
Bullseye dicroic rainbow on clear 

Brick Lighthouse Stained Glass Pattern Brick Lighthouse completed piece
$ 20.00

Stained Glass

Pattern Options: (need help?)

$ 20.00