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Cat Eyes Stained Glass Pattern

Stained Glass
$ 16.00

This kitty is stalking you and she will get what she wants.

The small black pieces in the eyes and nose can be solder fill or overlay.
Make a thick line around the bottom of the eyes with more space for
solder or a fatter lead to create an eyeliner effect.

Dimensions: 24" wide x 16" tall

Square feet of glass: 2.67
Feet of copper foil: 77.5
Number of pieces: 84

Stained glass chosen in the renderings:

Wissmach Black 
Wissmach 565-L-IR (tan) 
Kokomo 25 (aqua) 
Bullseye 2129 (black/white/grey) 
Wissmach WO-503 (light brown)
Armstrong 111SO (light grey or tan) 

Orange Kitty Version
Wissmach Black 
Armstrong 2523-G (brown/amber streaky) 
Armstrong 189S (orange streaky) 
Spectrum 305S (white) 
Wissmach WO-101 (green) 
Armstrong 111SO (light grey)
Bullseye 1821 (pink) 

Finished Art Created by Jeanne Krauss

Cat Eyes Stained Glass Pattern Orange Cat Eyes Stained Glass Pattern Finished Example Cat Eyes Stained Glass by Jeanne Krauss
$ 16.00

Stained Glass

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$ 16.00