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Dolphin Stained Glass Pattern

Stained Glass
$ 16.00

I think he wants to be friends!

This amusing stained glass pattern helps you swim with dolphins everyday.

Dimensions: 23" wide x 23" tall

Square feet of glass: 3.67
Feet of copper foil: 58
Number of pieces: 57

Are you curious, here's the glass in the example:

Black 2 pieces - Scrap
Armstrong 174S (opal yellow/blue streaky) 
Wissmach WO-330 (blue/yellow/green streaky) 
Kokomo 125 (turquoise blue opal)
Wissmach 197-NLL (opal dark blue/yellow green) 
Wissmach 338 (light copper blue) 
Kokomo 123 (medium blue/royal blue) 
Wissmach 342 (dark copper blue) 
Wissmach 189 (light cobalt blue) 
Armstrong 4518S (black/royal blue opal/streaky)

$ 16.00

Stained Glass

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$ 16.00